Prague International Streetball Cup 2017

P-Perunovic: I was extremely excited about the triumph!

Petar shoots on PIS Cup 2017.

Petar shoots on PIS Cup 2017.

02.11. 11:48:18 After the two championships that Czech teams have achieved, the Serbian team Extra Auto Vrbas has succeeded in the prestigious Prague International Streetball Cup this year. They have been playing together since this spring. But since then they have already made a good line of successes. Also the captain Petar Perunovic has enjoyed the tournament in the heart of Prague in Wenceslas Square. He was excited about more things.

Petar, you won this year with your team Extra Auto Vrbas the prize in the oldest international streetball tournament, the Prague International Streetball Cup, and as a bonus, you won the prize money of 2000 euros. That's great, what do you say?
I was extremely happy to win the tournament, I am looking forward to defend our 1st place next year.

How did you enjoy the first moments after the final whistle in the final game against the Ukrainian Team USL? Did you enjoy a great euphoria with your teammates and were you full of emotions?
Our emotions were through the roof because we did what we wanted to do from the very beginning. We continued our celebration later in one of Pragues pabs late in the night.

How did you see the final match that you dominated the 7:5 ratio from your perspective? In your opinion, what was the decisive factor and what did you had to play to defeat them?
We played our 1st game of the tour against USL and lost close game, so we knew what to expect in the final. There is old saying that team cant lose twice to same opponent on tournament. Every game we played better and better, and in the final we controlled the game from start to finish.

When you look back to the tournament spider. Which of the opponents and at which stage of the tournament was the most unpleasant and difficult for you? Was it the Czech team Až přijde kocour, who defeated you in an extra time?
There were few hard fought games, Až přijde kocour was one of them, but the toughest match was against Latvian team Ghetto Basket which we won after extra time with a bit of luck.

Generally, how do you evaluate the quality and level of the tournament, as well as the other teams, plus the place where the tournament was played, that was on the Wenceslas Square?
I was thrilled when I saw Wenceslas Square and basketball court, everything was top-notch from top to bottom. People who watched games were very kind and they made great atmosphere.

Did you enjoy also the atmosphere that was during the whole tournament? Do you agree that the atmosphere was gradating during the Sunday´s smash contest and then during the matches for the final as well?
As I said before, atmosphere was really great, standings were full, we also had support from group of Serbian fans in Prague. We also made new fans from other people in stands with our play style.

As a team Extra Auto Vrbas you have been playing since this spring, but you already have several valuable placements. Tell us something about your team's creation and thanks to what you could so quickly get into the world of streetball tournaments?
Our team is made of ex basketball players, that’s why we didn’t have problem adjusting to new rules of 3x3 basketball. We changed our linep often, because of injuries and other responsabilities, but we always managed to play good no matter of roster.

Do you have a goal in front of you, where would you like to be successful in the future and into which tournament would you like to get?
One of our goals is to defend titles that we won this year, now we want to get to a bigger stage and our goal is to play Challengers and at least one Masters next year. We felt like at home while in Prague so it would be great if we qualify for Masters in Czech Republic.

Photo: Jakub Nedbal

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