Prague International Streetball Cup 2018

Humpolec Bernard scalped the Rudolfinum!

First team from tournament, Humpolec Bernard (CZE)

First team from tournament, Humpolec Bernard (CZE)

15.07. 22:41:09 The top of the season is over! The Sunday's program was so sweet dot for the 16th Prague International Streetball Cup 2018. Which teams succeeded and took away precious metals and prize money in the oldest European street tournament in Prague?

At 2 pm the startup phase of the tournament has already started. Four teams Humpolec Bernard (the Czech Rep.), Falcons (the Czech Rep.), StudioBudza (Poland) and SlamDunk Network (Denmark) got into the semifinals.

Lets see how did they play against each other thru the numbers and who had to go out of the lap?

Quarterfinal matches summary:
1. Humpolec Bernard (CZE) vs. Sokolíci (CZE) 18:8
2. Falcons (CZE) vs. Grit & Grind (CZE) 11:8
3. Team Warsaw (Poland) vs. StudioBudza (Poland) 10:14
4. Vikings (Ukraine) vs. SlamDunk Network (Denmark) 11:13

Slam Dunk Battle for Europe:
The winner of this skill competition is Czech champion from Czech streetball cup 2018, Dan Zach. His show was in exhibition´s style, because he hasn´t rival. His eventually rival had healthy problems.

Right after this incredible show began the semifinals. The first duel was between two Czech teams, the second measurement of forces of Denmark and Polish streetball. After the won, the Czechs and the Poles played for the final and for the third place fighted the Czechs and Denmark.

Semifinals at a glance:
1/ Humpolec Bernard (CZE) vs. Falcons (CZE) 16:6
2/ StudioBudza (Poland) vs. SlamDunk Network (Denmark) 4:3

3pt Shootout for Europe:
After the end of the semifinal battles and before fighting for the winners, the second skill competition of Sunday's program was the 3pt shootout battle for Europe.

Winner of this skill competition was Levi Levine from Denmark (he played in team SlamDunk Network).

The third place match:
Falcons (CZE) vs. SlamDunk Network (Denmark) 16:15

During the final match, the tribune and other fans around the court were making excellent atmosphere and it could be seen that everybody enjoyed that game a lot. The final match was very balanced. More successful team was at the end the Czech team, who won a prize money of 2000 EUR and on the second place was the Poland team, who won 1000 EUR.

Humpolec Bernard (CZE) vs. StudioBudza (Poland) 19:13

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Photo: Jakub Nedbal


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