Prague International Streetball Cup 2017

Interview with Arek „Aro“ Przybylski

Arek on Prague International Streetball Cup 2017.

Arek on Prague International Streetball Cup 2017.

15.01. 19:03:16 Amazing dunk tricks glamorized our dunk contest Slam Dunk Battle for Europe on the Prague International Streetball Cup 2017, where the guys competed for the first time in history for the 500 euros prize money. Together with Ivars Rihards Žvigurs this competition was dominated by Arek „Aro“ Przybylski, thanks to whom the bottom part of Wenceslas Square was in an incredible euphoria and frenzy.

Arek, at this year´s Prague International Streetball Cup, you were one of the two co-winners of the Slam Dunk Battle for Europe competition. How did you enjoy this contest?
I think, this contest was pretty nice for and people´s reaction was amazing.

The prize money of 500 euros was shared with your rival Ivars Rihards Žvigurs. How did you enjoy the duel? Was it one of the top rivals you´ve ever played?
I was started against the best dunkers in the world on the biggest stages and I´m so proud about that. Rihards is great dunker with really nice vertical and that was not first time, when we played together.

As you have seen, according to the feelings and atmosphere, your show has been extremely entertained by the fans. Did you show the dunks just the way you imagined? And how was the atmosphere in general?
Atmosphere was crazy and I love feeling this contact with public. (smile)

Which smash was in your opinion the best?
Dubble up over standing guy on chair.

How did you like to dunk on this tournament, which was played in a specific place, right in the city center, on Wenceslas Square, which is the heart of Prague?
I feel so good, cuz in the center of Prague was a lot of people, who gave us a lot of energy to do these crazy things. I love these people.

As I could see on social networks, you are one of the most successful smashers at least in Europe. How many victories have you already won in this skill competition and which is for you the most valuable?
Yes, last 3 years were crazy for me. I won a lot of dunk contests and be a competitor on Eurocup in Andorra, Fiba 3x3 in Mexico, Utsonomiya, Prague, Debrecen, Rio, Lausanne, Ghetto Games Kings of Air in Riga, Shutupandplay in Berlin and Munich, The Cage in Bad Ailbing, Battle 4 Poland in Kalisz.

How many years have you been specializing in smashing competitions and which competition would you like to overmastered in the future? Do you have any dream you are following and you would like to achieve?
I start, when I was 18. I wanna always making progress to won a lot of the most important competition in the world.

If it would be possible, can we look forward to some of yours - even new ones smashes in the next Prague International Streetball Cup?
Of course, if you officially invite me, I will be in your competition. (smile) So see ya this year. (again smile)

Photo: Jakub Nedbal

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